*These are unsolicited statements from my awesome clients over the years. These results are possible when clients work diligently and consistently towards healing and growing. We absolutely, positively, value your confidentiality. *


“I needed Patrick’s services and skills to help me improve my communication skills with my relationship.”

” To help me understand the dynamics of my relationship and the skills I needed to understand my partner better.”

“I needed someone qualified to help me identify problems and behaviors happening between me and my partner. Although we could talk to one another we wouldn’t really resolve anything in our arguments. I had almost given up our relationship until I came here.”

“I needed guidance to help me with anger issues. I finally found a professional who knows about anger and the challenges that come along with it. He taught me and how to diffuse them.”

“I needed to figure out why I was so angry whenever I became intoxicated.”

“Before I worked with Patrick I was always getting caught up in my own thoughts. I was worrying about some things yet felt numb about other things. I knew that I needed to feel in control of my thoughts and feelings again. Through counseling I was able to shift my perspective which helped me to gain new balance and meaning in my life.”

“I was having major problems in my relationship with my partner and needed help with commitment issues.

“I needed help overcoming stressful emotions that were often associated with work, friends, and family.”

“I wanted help managing my stress and stop people pleasing.”

“Support and unconditional acceptance.”


“The coping skills he taught me to help manage my anxiety.”

“Probably the best thing that was so helpful to me was that it was extremely easy for me to talk to me. He treated me like an equal, a team member, and not so clinical, trying to overanalyze me. His unconditional support made it easy for me to come to my own conclusions, which was exactly what I needed.”

“He gave me honest feedback and called me out on my BS but in a compassionate and empathetic way”

“Great listener with tremendous insight who helped me set and reach both short and long-term goals.”

“Patrick was able to show me the problems with my communication style I was using with my partner. With his help I was able to see how my previous style of talking and sharing was actually part of the problem in our relationship. His expertise and understanding helped me how to improve my side accordingly. My partner was also able to make their own improvements, and now our communicate is more open, honest, and sincere.”

“Helping me feel more empowered through my actions.”

“Patrick made me feel really listened to, no judgments, no matter what it was. It’s like he could really understand what I was thinking and feeling. This helped me face my anger issues head on.”

“Patrick created an environment that was not stuffy or overly clinical. He always encouraged me to express my thoughts no matter what they were about. Giving me a feeling of unconditional acceptance and support gave me the confidence to work towards my therapeutic goals. His expertise quickly helped me finally get to the root of the roadblocks in my life.”

“Through Patrick’s unique style of questioning, I was able to gain thorough understanding of my core beliefs and values. It was pretty cool how he helped me finally begin to understand myself and how I could create a new, healthier way of thinking. Patrick became a person I trust emphatically to hear my all my thoughts and feelings. He helped me to figure out how to put all my ideas into an action plan so I could find the success I was looking for.”

“More self-awareness than I ever thought possible, my thought processes, and especially my communication skills.”

“How to be more authentic when interacting with my partner to hopefully improve our relationship or to better cope if the relationship ultimately ends.”


“An increased feeling of peace and clarity.” 

“Amazing results. I feel like I have a stronger connection to my girlfriend. We can now communicate better and have a stronger emotional connection.”

“My daily life became less frustrating because I became more self-aware and present about what was going on inside my head. I increased my ability to communicate, and now experience a lot less situational depression.”

“I feel more balanced. I also have become more aware of which areas of my life need improvement. Patrick showed me how to empower myself in order to deal with my present and future situations.”

“Working with Patrick helped me to finally realize that I really am good enough for love and I deserve to have a healthy partner and a be in a healthy relationship. I have now learned that its healthy and normal to put my needs first while growing to become a better more empowered version of me.”

“Working with Patrick provided us with a new outlook on our relationship. When we used the methods he taught us, we were able to work together as coleaders and find balance with the needs of our relationship.” 

“Patrick helped to save our relationship. We were about to call it quits before coming to see him. We never thought it would be possible, but we are actually now closer than we have ever been.”

“Working with Patrick helped me to identify what I considered to be the ‘brick walls’ in front of me. I happy to say that I knocked that ‘brick wall’ down. I am now focusing on the mountain ahead because I now have the skills and confidence to conquer it.” 

“I learned vital coping skills to manage a potential breakup of my relationship, yet also learned the skills to help start the healing process, if possible.”

“Becoming a more effective communicator with others about a problem, and being able to work through it together.” 

“I have increased my self-confidence, my sense of well-being, and learned to not stress so much about the small stuff. I’ve noticed, and so have others, that I’m just really happy for the first time in months, maybe even years.” 


“The best counselor and coach in Salt Lake City, hands down!”

“I would tell them not to not wait. This was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. I have no problem coming back to see Patrick if I ever have any further problems.”

“Patrick is a therapist who works hard to help people and knows his stuff!” 

“Anyone who works with Patrick has the potential to be awesome. He creates an environment of total acceptance and makes you feel comfortable to say anything that’s on your mind, no matter what so he can help you get to the root of the issues.” 

“Patrick has the skills to identify and validate my concerns while helping me to finally find peace and understanding.” 

“I tell all my guy friends to come see you, because it’s so easy to talk to you. You have a real understanding of what I’m talking about, no matter how weird or ridiculous I think it may be. “

“Patrick is a great listener who helped me get to the root of my anger and gave me the tools I needed to manage my emotions.” 

“If you are ready and willing to work on your current challenges, Patrick is a great resource for appropriate and helpful information while making a real connection with his clients.”

“Individuals and couples with relationship problems would greatly benefit from Patrick’s help.”

“Finding a counselor was such a pain and it was easy to feel overwhelmed. We feel lucky that we found someone like Patrick. He was patient, helpful, and very empathetic. Patrick took time to really understand us as a couple and also as individuals. No matter what the issues may be, I feel like we can depend on Patrick and trust his guidance.” 

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