Is anxiety making you feel stuck?

How would you describe the quality of your sleeping habits? Is it easy to fall asleep right away, or do you just lay there, tossing and turning, mind racing with uncontrolled thinking and excessive worry? When not sleeping, do you feel overwhelmed with a sense of fear or dread? Do troubling thoughts get in the way of you feeling confident and do you see a pattern of avoiding social activities that you once enjoyed? This unfortunately only leads to having even more feelings of isolation, making you feel worried that you’re missing opportunities and the vicious cycle continues over and over.

Maybe you feel like something’s “off,” but can’t quite figure out what it is exactly. Your worries and anxiety may be creating bouts of agitation and anger, affecting your personal or work relationships and even your work performance. You might be struggling to focus, worrying that you might lose your job. Unfortunately, poor sleeping habits only intensifies the anxiety, making you feel exhausted, struggling to keep up with even the simplest of daily tasks. You might even be experiencing headaches, chest pains, and a racing heartbeat or irrational fears that prevent you from living in the present moment.

Maybe you turn to alcohol and marijuana to help you cope with these symptoms in the short term. Long term, they may even be delaying the relief you so desperately want.

Does any of this sound familiar? You might be wondering why you feel this way, but more importantly, which specific steps could give you the relief you need.

Anxiety Treatment

You aren’t alone - Anxiety is more common than you think

In a recent study by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common types of mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults 18 and older. That’s 18% of the population! Even though anxiety is very treatable, sadly only 37% of people who suffer from anxiety choose to receive treatment.

Anxiety is a common response to living hectic lives in unsettled times. Work, family, relationships, self-care, and daily bad news — there’s so much going on, we barely have time to take a breath. Even if you don’t suffer from a major anxiety disorder, it’s normal to feel anxious or stressed.

Anxiety looks different for every person.

Anxiety Treatment

Your type of anxiety might be either physical, emotional, mental, or all three. It could be situational, or ongoing; known as a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), causing you to feel anxious and worried for long periods of time. Maybe you are struggling with a panic disorder, which is an overwhelming and intense sense of anxiety and panic.

Social anxiety appears in crowds of social situations, people, and public speaking. You may have a fear of criticism or embarrassment in front of others, creating the urge to socially disengage.

With the support of an anxiety therapist, you will learn how to manage your unique anxiety challenges to get the relief you need.

Anxiety treatment can help you get your life back.

We provide a comfortable, warm environment to reduce anxiety, allowing you to focus and do your best work. We take a person-centered approach by actively listening to what’s been distressing you, helping you to see the deeper causes of your anxiety so that you feel empowered and back in the driver’s seat again.

Sometimes just talking and hearing our own words can be extremely helpful. Hearing ourselves vocalize the anxious thoughts that swim around in of our head can help conquer them, reducing their negative impact on us. Discussing our thoughts out loud, distinguishing between our real and irrational thoughts, helps to show us our many made-up stories and thought patterns that are based on negative experiences from our past. Instead of allowing your mind to highjack your beliefs about the future, we work together, learning how to focus on the present, and the here-and-now.

We absolutely understand how the roots of what’s fueling your anxiety can be managed to provide you with a future with peace and relief. We also know that making better lifestyle choices creates a powerful secondary strategy to deal with your anxiety. I provide opportunities to learn about body awareness, thereby helping you identify and work through anxiety at a physical level. Often, pain is hidden and requires us to become more self-aware of how our bodies handle anxiety and how to directly access it. Sometimes, we minimize or neglect parts of our body where symptoms of our anxiety show up. In reality, those symptoms hold a wealth of information about us and our anxiety. Soon you will discover where and how you store that nagging anxiety and create strategies to eliminate having to carry it around any longer.

Anxiety Treatment

As men, we tend to live a lot in our heads which fuels our anxiety even further. Learning to get out of our heads helps us to make a new plan of action and transforms our anxiety by working with emotions. The main problem caused by overthinking, is the tendency to produce irrational worries and assumptions. This in turn prevents us from facing our deeper emotions and fears which need to be tackled to create long-term healing. 

Self-criticism! It’s the worst! We push ourselves to do more, work harder, or be better which then just leads to more anxiety! As we begin to look at the relationship you have with yourself, you’ll begin to see more clearly how your anxiety, self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy impact your anxiety.

Our therapists have helped anxious clients like you for many years, using a variety of treatment methods such as body awareness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). We take a multifold approach to help address your anxiety.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen first-hand the effectiveness and benefits of managing anxiety in an emotionally safe setting. A compassionate counselor can help teach you more about self- awareness and concrete skills. Together, as a team, we’ll work on lowering your anxiety, helping you find the relief that you’ve been seeking for so long.

Common concerns about getting anxiety therapy

“I just don’t have the money for therapy to treat help my anxiety.”

Counseling and coaching are a financial commitment, and investment in yourself. What is your mental health worth? Would anxiety therapy be worth it to greatly reduce your anxiety symptoms and help you live your best, most productive life? We understand that sometimes therapy asks a lot from you; however, we greatly value your progress and results. We know it’s difficult to want to spend money on counseling and coaching. However, it’s also difficult to put a price on feeling happier, and the decision to receive counseling and coaching may be one of the best you can make for yourself.

“I have never gone to a counselor before and I am not sure that therapy can really help my anxiety.”

We understand your concerns. We work with many guys trying therapy for the first time. We want to better understand your issues so we can create a specialized plan of action to enhance our work with you. With this plan we’ll be able to measure your progress and accomplishments, working alongside of you and seeing all the awesome results you’re striving to achieve.

“I read on the internet that yoga, meditation, and exercise can help reduce my anxiety? Wouldn’t it easier to just do that instead?”

Those interventions are awesome and effective ways to help you manage day-to-day anxiety. However, receiving professional anxiety counseling by a trained and licensed therapist will help you get to the root of your anxieties. Working together, we’ll talk through the core issues that go deeper than temporary anxiety management. You’re looking for a life transformation with long lasting relief, not just a surface-level quick-fix.
Anxiety Treatment

“I am concerned that I’ll have to be on some kind anxiety medication for the rest of my life.”

Medication may help, but most men want to talk with a professional to help get to the root of their issues. Both methods can be positive and beneficial and it’s important to remember there’s no shame in trying one or both ways to get the help you need. The point is, you’re choosing to get help, which is the most important step!

If you’re struggling to manage your anxiety, we’d like to help you as soon as possible. Call, click, or write to schedule an appointment to begin conquering your anxiety issues today.

You can beat anxiety.

Contact us at The Men’s Center for Counseling and Coaching to see how we can work together and help you live your best life without crippling anxiety. Waiting only makes things worse and contributes to an unhappy life. Hope is just around the corner when we start working together to help you stop doing the things that don’t help you live your best life. If you have more questions, call me at 336-423-7697 or contact me here to schedule a free consultation.