Infidelity hurts your relationship.

Is infidelity and lying creating trust issues in your marriage or relationship? Has your partner caught you flirting with others, making you worried that your relationship will end? Have you started an emotional affair with a friend or coworker? Cheating can destroy an otherwise good relationship. Lying about it just makes things worse.

Both of you struggle in your own ways. Your partner is filled with pain, distrust, and anger. You feel ashamed, guilty, and powerless to fix and improve your relationship. You want to change, but more importantly, you want to help improve your relationship with your partner but don’t know how. You try to help them overcome the pain of your choices and behavior, yet nothing seems to work.

They’re worried that you’re still out there being unfaithful, constantly checking your phone for texts and emails from others, consequently making you distrust her. You resort to trying to constantly prove you aren’t still cheating. You’re always reassuring them you still love them. You promise to never be unfaithful again, but you feel that it’s not enough. They don’t trust you, and it’s wreaking havoc in your relationship.

Infidelity Counseling
Infidelity Counseling

Perhaps you haven’t actually engaged in a sexual relationship with someone else…yet. However, you might be on that slippery slope of betrayal by flirting, sexting, and other inappropriate behaviors. Maybe you’re just “having a little fun” with other people, even if it doesn’t turn physical. Some guys develop close friendships at work that start out innocently, but then lead to an emotional or sexual affair.

No matter where you find yourself on the above list or if you’ve already crossed a line you never thought you would, I can help.

The slippery slope to infidelity:

  • Flirting with other people, causing a problem in your relationship
  • Feeling guilty for continuing to playfully encourage other people, yet still doing it
  • Feeling deprived of emotional intimacy or feeling underappreciated by your partner.
  • Wanting attention or validation from those who aren’t your partner
  • Rationalizing or minimizing your close connections with others as “just being friendly” or “no big deal”.
  • Always thinking or fantasizing about those who aren’t your partner

No matter where you find yourself on the above list or if you’ve already crossed a line you never thought you would, I can help.

Infidelity doesn’t always mean it’s the end of the relationship

Believe it or not, it really is possible to heal from infidelity. Yes, it is normal to look and think about people who are physically attractive. Maybe their personality, intelligence, humor, or background may also be attractive. We are not robots. We are human. We are normal. However, acting upon our thoughts and fantasies becomes a major problem when we are already involved in committed relationships. As a team, you and I can work together to work through the temptation to cheat, and eventually get to the point where it is no longer an issue for you.

Research indicates that infidelity occurs with men as well as women. However, guys still dominate the numbers regarding cheating whether it be emotional or physical. It’s very important to know though that you are not alone. Well-meaning men will try to end the affairs but then find out it takes more than just avoiding a person or blocking them on social media. With the help of infidelity counseling, you will be able to see things more clearly so you can start making choices that will have a positive impact on you, your partner, and your family. Working as a team we can get to the root of why you do what you do. You will become the partner you were always meant to be, and your partner can start getting the very best of you.

Infidelity counseling can possibly save, or even improve your relationship.

Infidelity Counseling

As your counselor and coach, I want to work with you to help save your marriage or relationship from ending. I want to teach you to develop vital relationship skills, preventing further infidelity and betrayals. I call it “fireproofing your relationship”. You love your partner. You are committed to making it work. I believe you. But you also find yourself frustrated with the current situation within your marriage. I understand how hard this can be so let’s work together by creating a plan to turn these negative relationship patterns around into something positive and healthy.

Cheating mostly includes sex, but it’s so more than just that. Working with me as an infidelity counselor, we’ll uncover the reasons you’ve been unfaithful, or begun straying, hurting your relationship in the process. 

We’ll patiently work together discovering why your patterns of behavior are more than just a need to feel sexually satisfied by other people. You’ll soon become aware of other needs that might be causing your behavior. For example, maybe you’re unhappy in your marriage or relationship. Maybe you feel more comfortable not having to be fully engaged with your partner. Perhaps you’re angry at your partner and want to punish them. Maybe you just need to tweak your relationship skills, so you don’t continue sabotaging it. 

Through counseling and coaching, we’ll find the underlying causes of your infidelity, so you can sincerely begin “fireproofing” your relationship. If keeping your primary relationship is truly your top priority, you’ll have to stop betraying your partner. It will require you to start building trust with them again and learning to listen more rather than trying to fix or solve their problems. You’ll also need to learn how to get the attention, validation, and affection you want from your partner directly, instead of trying to get it from others. Together we’ll figure out the most effective way to do this without conflict avoidance, withdrawing or shutting down, thus failing to directly express your wants and needs.
I bring many years of experience working with guys who struggled with cheating, and successfully helped them overcome barriers while creating the kinds of relationships they truly want. Ensuring the highest level of privacy and discretion, I will help you feel more comfortable about discussing and working on sensitive issues. As your counselor, my goal is to help you feel more secure about your primary relationship, build the skills to help “fireproof” your relationship, and soon become the loyal and loving partner you want to be.


““I’m concerned that if get counseling, it might make my marriage worse, eventually leading to a divorce.”
Because trust needs to be repaired after infidelity, your partner may require time for healing. Accepting that we are not in control of others and what they choose to do or not do, enables us to work together to effectively direct you to the best possible outcome. In infidelity counseling, we will focus on the issues you can control to help rebuild your relationship and discuss ways to facilitate the healing for your partner.
Infidelity Counseling
“We’ve done couples counseling before. Would working with you be any different?”
I specialize in working with the needs of men and I also understand the psychology behind why men cheat. I teach men to help grow and strengthen their relationship rather than undermine it. Working together we’ll figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing by developing a better self-awareness, so you no longer engage in those destructive behaviors.

I dont only want to stop cheating on my partner. I also want to help strengthen and improve our relationship.”

I work with guys on all levels of infidelity prevention or “fireproofing”. We’ll work together, strengthening your relationship, and helping you and your partner get your needs met. You’ll feel at peace and happier around your partner, as you all work together, reconciling the issues that got you here in the first place.

All marriages and relationships have the potential to not only heal, but also strengthen and improve.

I sincerely care about your situation and yes, I can relate to divorce on a personal level. Thus, I really want to see you succeed because I believe you deserve to be happy again. If you’re ready to take that first step to start divorce counseling, If you have more questions, call me at 336-423-7697 or contact me here to schedule a free consultation We’re conveniently located in Draper, right by I-15 for your convenience.